NOCRUL - The Darkness Of Mankind

by Khrul

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Khrul - music
Noctis - vocals

*Crown - vocals by Khrul


released September 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Khrul London, UK

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Track Name: Night Lords
Do you hear the cries? Can you taste their fear, their agony? We are coming for you! We got for the eyes. Then tongue. Then the hands. Then the feet. Then we skin the crippled remains, and offer it up as an example to any still bearing witness. We were murders first, last, and always! Then my children, I shall listen for your call in whatever realm of death holds me, and come I shall, no matter what the laws of life and death forbid. At the end I will be there. For the final battle. Never forget this. When night comes again, as it surely will, only the night will protect you. Follow me and I promise you glory. Follow me and I promise that, if you fall, your name will be sung for as long as the sons of Nocrul walk the stars!
Track Name: Sons Of The Sunless World
My sons, the galaxy is burning. We all bear witness to a final truth - our way is not the way of the men. You have never stood in the God's light. And you never will. You shall stand in midnight clad, your claws forever red with the lifeblood of my father's failed empire. Warring through the centuries as the talons of a murdered god. Rise, my sons, and take your wrath across the stars in my name. In my memory. Rise, my night sons. Rise, my night sons. Ave dominus nox!
Track Name: Children Of Misrule
They were soaked in blood from its birth. Condemned never to see the light again or breathe free air. They lived out their lives in fear and blind darkness. There was no law in these lightless lands, and survival existed only by a blade's edge. Only the strongest and most ruthless survived, and those who did grew in cruelty and cunning. Fed by a constant influx from the hive cities above. The prison sinks were an ever hungering gate to madness and murder. Amongst the bloodshed and fear, children were born. Cradled in the dark, and raised amongst death. Silent creatures who moved without a sound. Even the most savage killers would not seek them out by choice.
Track Name: We Are Legions
I stand before you. Our secrets are laid bare before my eyes. It is I and I alone who can grant passage to our most inner circle, who can judge the week from the strong, the truth from falsehood. We are legion. We are legion. I alone known the names of all those who have fallen from the grace. I alone bear these most terrible burdens, for on my shoulders sit the sins of the Legion and I can not rest while they still remain to stain our honour. We are legion. We are legion. The Legion are coming, and no soul that stands against us shall see an other dawn. Let ten-thousand howls promise ten-thousand claws.
Track Name: From The Fires Of Betrayal
Jagged maw did swallow the stars... and whose... black gaze did mirror the void of oblivion. The beasts of the Sea of Stars spilled out. Pain is an illusion of the senses, fear is an illusion of the mind, beyond these only death waits as silent judge over all. From the fires of Betrayal unto the blood of revenge we bring the name of ouro do, Legion, the favored Son of Chaos. All praise be given to him. From those that would not heed we offer praise to those who do, that they might turn their gaze our way. Gift us with the Boon of Pain, to turn the galaxy red with the blood, and feed the hunger of the Gods. Pain is an illusion of the senses, fear is an illusion of the mind, beyond these only death waits as silent judge over all. There is no darkness to be found between the void of stars, nor the deepest pits of the earth, that equals the darkness of mankind's deeds.
Track Name: Planet Of The Eternal Darkness
A dying star above the planet. Whose light unable to reach the surface. Perpetual darkness, toxic smog. Only the rich grew in affluence. Murder, theft and extortion were rife in the society. Depression was an inescapable way of life for most. Over population was prevented but by the suicide rate. Miles-tall smoke staks. Bridges of black metal. Building grew from the forest of slums. Smog lay over everything. Bleak and sunless world of suffering. Pain and corruption. This is the planet of the eternal darkness.
Track Name: Crown
SAMAEL - Crown

If eyes are the mirror of the soul
You will find in mine the scorn and apathy
You will read my hatred as in a curs'd book
You will see yourself as I see you

It is a mirror sombre and opaque
Which protects me, which stifles me
A great ditch around the heart
Which rejects, which estranges me

There is a world in my head
A dead world where nothing lives
And it is there I am, too far,
Far too far to be rejoined

A crown of thorns is still a crown

I am a king in a kingdom of suffering
I have taken my time to reach this stage
I have taken pains to torture myself
To descend, to descend
Into pain, I exist
And if my brain is numbed
The thorn in my flesh
Can overcome apathy

There is glory in humiliation
A throne to be taken, a crown to win

I have no more tears,
And my smile has lost its brilliance
I have forgotten who I was,
I have killed my emotions
Crushed, empty, weary,
Always standing, I am a tree
Awaiting the lightning